Mozgalo is educational student competition in Data mining and Big Data, that is in the process of finding useful information among big amounts of structured and unstructured data. Thereby, different statistic methods, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques are used. This is the first and only student competition of this type in Croatia. It is organized by the University of Zagreb.

The main goals of the Mozgalo are a promotion of education and giving a chance to students to gather practical knowledge in the area of computer science, statistics, mathematics, computer vision. Furthermore, it encourages students to use analytical thinking and independently develop their own creative solutions to the real problem in various industries. Also, one of the main goals is to connect successful and talented students with partnership companies, transmitting knowledge and mentorship.

The competition incorporates lectures, workshops, mentorship and online educational content.

Professors on the University of Zagreb who support the competition:

  • Zlatko Drmač, PMF
  • Jan Šnajder, FER
  • Sven Lončarić, FER
  • Dijana Oreški, FOI
  • Goran Klepac, TVZ
  • dr. sc. Marko Horvat, TVZ

List of courses on which Mozgalo solutions can be submitted in order to collect some extra points:

  • “Matematičko modeliranje pretraživača”, PMF-MO
  • “Strojno učenje”, PMF-MO
  • “Digitalna obrada i analiza slike”, FER
  • “Teorija odlučivanja”, FOI