Zagreb Summer Academy is the successor to the well-known and affirmed Dubrovnik Summer School. Here is a brief history of Dubrovnik Summer School.

The story about Dubrovnik Summer School begins in 2006, and the seminar is a result of Leif Edvinsson visiting Zagreb regarding his book promotion. He meets Mislav Ante Omazic and Domagoj Juricic, to whom he introduces the idea of creating Future Centre, within which some ideas would generate and knowledge economy would eventually be created.

The seminar is held in Dubrovnik precisely because of its intelligent history, which makes it one of the first cities of knowledge. Stevan Dedijer, one of the authors of business intelligence was the inspiration for founding the seminar, and Leif learned from him about the intelligent history of Dubrovnik. The seminar was then called “Intellectual Capital of Cities Summer School”.



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In 2010, the seminar changes its name into “Intellectual Capital Future Seminar”. Another paper was written the same year which was presented at the world summit in Melbourne. The world summit was attended again in 2011, and the Camp of Social Entrepreneurship in Finland. The seminar changes its name into Dubrovnik Summer School in 2015.

Over the years, the participants had the opportunity to learn from the experts who constantly invest in their knowledge, and some of them are: Charles Savage, Leif Edvinsson, Ron Dvir, Vedran Antoljak, Domagoj Juricic, Fran Mikulicic, Andrey Shtylenko…




In our eleventh year Dubrovnik Summer School focus was on business freedom and how to be more courageous with your business ideas!

Some of the topics covered last year:

Passion and talent 

Its hard to start a new business if you do not know yourself. There is a great importance in finding your passion and hidden talents.

Social Entrepreneurship

In the first days of a seminar, participants gradually found the answers to questions such as ”How to help in your community?”, ”What can be done on a daily basis for a better world?” and ”How to help and still make some money by doing so?”.

Design thinking 

Design thinking is a great new trend in solving business and human problems. Did you know that this method was invented by a student? Such a skill can certainly be useful for your future ideas. 

Innovative business models 

An interactive workshop where participants found out more about different types of business models that exist and how they can implement that into their lives, projects and future jobs.

Business Negotiation 

A fun and educational workshop around Dubrovnik where participants learned more about the old Ragusan history of business and remarkable business negotiation skills. 

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That year was a true milestone as Dubrovnik Summer School celebrated the 10th Anniversary so there were many special events planned that make it a truly unforgettable experience for all of the that-year-participants!

Some of the topics covered that year:

The Digitization of Business 

It invites new leadership and organizational dynamics as we move into the world of Big Data.

Discovery Mapping and IC Navigating into the Future 

Through interactive, challenging and dynamic workshops in the first days of a seminar, you will gradually find the answers to question such as “How to turn the future into an asset?” “How to increase innovation potential?” “What can a modern day startup learn from the Intelligent history of Ragusa?”.

Design thinking 

Find out how to solve business problems using design processes with its purpose set on consolidation of human needs, possibilities given to us by technology and needs we desire on our jobs.

Future Jobs – What to expect in the next 10 years? 

Gain insight into the trends and expectations of the current and future employers.

The Ultimate Journey 

An interactive workshop that uses sets of practices to help students and recent graduates learn about themselves, choose their career and build short-term and long-term life strategies.

In the past 10 years, a large number of people went through the“Dubrovnik Summer School experience”.
For each and every of them, this experience was something that helped them grow on a personal and professional level.

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Dubrovnik Summer School 2015