From thought to idea and From idea to plan

»2nd and 3rd day

Elevate is platform for personal and professional elevation which offers a combination of assessment, training, coaching and monitoring. Two of ZSA’s lecturers, Tihana Dragičević and Aleksandar Jelovac are experts on coaching and they will teach you how to get From thought to idea and then From idea to plan.

Tihana Dragičević is a Head Coach at Elevate, also EMCC coach, trainer, learning consultant, NLP master, graduated teacher, Coaching Practice leader in HUC, Croatian Coaching Association.

Aleksandar Jelovac is an expert associate in Elevate and trainer associate, psychotherapist specialized in working with young. He is an expert in techniques like Gamma Healing, Ericsonian Hypnosis and Emotional Clearing.

Come listen to those two advocates of excellence and start to believe we are all our own masterpieces! :)



Start-up process and financing


» 4th day

Tihana Marelja


Tihana Marelja is managing director and vice president of Zagreb Entrepreneurship Incubator. Zagreb Entrepreneurship Incubator was founded with the goal of helping aspiring entrepreneurs from the region of Southeastern Europe build their companies

Daily she mentors startup teams as they prepare to launch their new idea.  Someone with this much experience can certainly guide participants through first steps in startup process.





Six Ws of marketing for entrepreneurs-beginners

» 4th day


 Jadrana Ćurković is a marketing expert with more than 20 years of experience in all B2B and B2C marketing and communications disciplines. Biggest part of her professional career was devoted to the launch and development of two strong international brands, in the Croatian and South-East European markets. Jadrana had also worked for as a market communication manager for major daily newspaper brand in Croatia, while in the past few years she has been sharing her knowledge and experience mentoring startup teams. In addition, she is working with Coca-Cola Adria on the Shake&Take project, as part of the PlayAD team.



Stress management

» 5th day




Mentalni trening (Mental training) is unique training technology and approach that is adapted  for each individual for the development of personal exellence. They will teach you why does stress occur and how to cope with it. You will have a chance to learn some coping techniques you can start using immediately and show you how they work using biofeedback device. Three members of their team will join us at ZSA and give us an unforgettable experience.



Lean it if you Mean it

» 5th day


Luka Klancir is example of a young entrepreneur. He has worked as a project manager, business development executive and as of lately he is a comercial director of MyBeeLine, co-founder of Croatian Bitcoin Portal, ICO Advisor at CookUp and COO of AsyncLabs. What Luka says about his lecture:”A random dude takes on the famous lean approach and applies it; not at a single startup project, but at living the life, the entrepreneurial life. Learn how you can apply business optimization tricks on your own personal life.”








Choose your own niche, Canvas business model and Setting strong business goals

» 6th and 7th day

Ivana Radić

Ivana Radić is a woman of many titles: She’s a Master of Science in Marketing, a Public Relations and Marketing specialist, an active listener and a lecturer – a lecturer at the Zagreb Summer Academy, too! Since she’s a pro in this field, she will talk about Personal branding and the importance of networking. Her motto is „Don’t be good – be the best!“ because she knows how to do business better and gain results, which means that you’ll get an insight into all the tips and tricks that will make your (future) business bloom!






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